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Sales Alignments

Summary Correlation
This approach is often used for marketing and sales purposes, and it shows teachers and textbook selection committees how the given program matches up to their curricula. A stand-alone correlation references matches between curriculum standards or assessment objectives and an educational product's content.

State Adoption Form Correlation
This is a stringent review of a program's alignment to standards. These reviews emphasize a sample of the best matches between your program and the standards. If 100 percent alignment is required, we can also suggest ways to bring your product into compliance. In addition to adoption states, open-territory states and key school systems often require a correlation for their instructional materials review committees.

Cross-Product Correlation
A cross-product correlation indicates a supplemental program's alignment to the adopted or primary basal programs already in use in a classroom. This alignment shows teachers how and where they can efficiently integrate a supplemental program's content into their current teaching plans.

Customized Skill Database
PRG can compose a matrix of standards and skills from several states and correlate them to information from your existing educational product line. A skill database effectively automates correlations and guarantees accuracy, comprehensiveness, and consistency, while dramatically decreasing cost and turnaround time. A skill database is often most cost effective for correlations that are more general in nature.

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