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Research & Evaluation Services

PRG's staff of education experts helps our clients develop winning strategies for developing new instructional tools and for distinguishing them in the marketplace. By involving our staff early in the development process, we can help you craft a winning publishing plan to ensure a smooth development process and an outstanding final product.

Market Research
Our clients rely on PRG's expertise to give them crucial market intelligence to size up the competition, objectively evaluate market opportunities, and position products and services for success. We can help you understand the education marketplace to extend your reach in a particular market, identify an untapped niche, or market your instructional tools to a new group of consumers.

Program Evaluation
Prove the effectiveness of an educational program or approach by conducting a program evaluation. PRG is skilled in conducting both quantitative and qualitative research. Some recent experience include evaluations of reading improvement initiatives, of the effectiveness of educational technology, and of learner verification studies. Learner verification studies can include test score analysis, surveys of teachers and students, and site visits. Though true impact studies must be multiyear in scope, other combinations of data collection can net some preliminary information to evaluate your program's effectiveness in the field.

  • Surveys
  • Case Studies
  • Field Testing
  • Focus Groups

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