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Publishers Resource Group
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Research & Evaluation

Publishers Resource Group (PRG), works with clients individually to craft a plan of action to determine how best to collect data that will demonstrate your instructional program's effectiveness in the classroom. A number of research approaches can be used to refine your educational program and provide evidence to assist your sales and marketing team. For example, clients may gather evidence to prove that an educational program yields measurable results in the classroom. Other critical positioning devices can include evaluating your materials against the competition, the latest educational research, or the most effective teaching strategies.

Our team of educators can independently evaluate the accuracy of your program at any stage of development. From fact checking to creating indexes, PRG's comprehensive array of quality assurance checks will ensure that your materials are as accurate and current as possible.

Research & Evaluation Quality Assurance

Market Research
Program Evaluation

Fact Checking
Independent Quality Checks and Cold Reads
Readability and Other Specialized Reviews

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