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Publishers Resource Group
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Quality Assurance

Fact Checking
Whether performed as a program is developed or shortly thereafter, we will verify and precisely document the factual accuracy of your instructional program. At your request, we can suggest corrective patches to update your content and streamline your revision process. We can also prepare tear sheet and errata forms. Several levels of fact checking services are available to meet your schedule and budget needs.

Independent Quality Checks and Cold Reads
Improve your program's overall quality by hiring PRG to perform an independent quality review. Using the style guide you select, our experienced copy editors will perform a cold read of your program to check for typographical, grammatical, and spelling errors. In addition, we can carry out a more extensive review of your finished program, which may include an examination of the content, internal and external cross references, and art and design elements.

Readability and Other Specialized Reviews
Demonstrate that your products are written at a reading level appropriate for your target audience by having PRG perform an independent readability check and provide you with a detailed, unbiased report. At your request, specialized reviews to detect bias or to verify an equitable representation and distribution of gender and ethnic groups can also be prepared.

Our staff is skilled at researching, setting up, and negotiating permissions for reading passages, assessment items, and artwork for print and electronic media. We can prepare all of the permissions documentation to expedite the development of your educational program.

Over the years, our team has perfected indexing procedures that maximize accuracy, thoroughness, and speed. We can prepare a comprehensive index for your program that showcases your product's strengths while also facilitating content navigability and accessibility for both students and teachers.

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