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Development Alignments

Competitive Analysis
If your product competes with established programs, consider analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of existing programs with a competitive analysis. The data you gain by analyzing other products will give you helpful ideas on how to build the most innovative features into your program.

Predevelopment Correlation
A predevelopment correlation and gap analysis identifies which of your instructional components or programs are the most closely aligned to a specific state or a group of targeted state standards. The information guides your development efforts as you decide whether or not to submit your program for state adoption, consider a new copyright, create additional components, or develop a new program altogether.

Scope and Sequence
PRG can use your predevelopment correlation to craft a scope and sequence. A scope and sequence provides a master plan for development by identifying the key concepts and skills associated with a particular subject area and grade level. (PRG can also develop scope and sequence documents after product development has been completed.) A thorough plan for customizing programs to several different markets can be created on a budget by analyzing and compiling key state and national standards, standardized test objectives, and the scope and sequences of best-selling products. We can prepare a matrix of several sets of state standards to find common denominators among those standards so that you can build in alignment to multiple markets without costly rewrites.

Point-of-Use Correlation
More than ever, teachers use standards to guide their classroom instruction. Correlations embedded within the teacher material help teachers to develop standards-based lesson plans and to select particular activities that meet standards. Specific alignment information can also be used to craft state-specific lesson plans as a value-added feature.

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