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Types of Assessments

Multiple-Choice Items
Multiple-choice items require students to select a single correct answer from a list of responses. Multiple-choice items are prized for their objectivity and uniformity in scoring and ease of administration.

Performance Tasks and Rubrics
Performance tasks require students to generate their own responses to questions, typically focusing on the process of problem solving rather than on answers or solutions. These types of questions furnish a multidimensional picture of a student's critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. A thorough understanding of authentic assessment principles and a strong subject-area expertise is required in order to develop the task and scoring rubrics that will assist teachers in evaluating student performance. Performance tasks may include written or oral responses, presentations, demonstrations, investigations, journals, and portfolios.

Constructed-Response Items
Constructed-response items are a type of performance task in which students are given the opportunity to provide a brief written response to a question. These types of questions are often paired with multiple-choice questions to obtain varied information about a student's knowledge and skills.

Test Preparation
Our staff has a wealth of experience in the creation of test preparation materials for state and national tests, including effective strategies for test preparation and test practice materials. These materials prepare students to perform their best on exams by building confidence, familiarizing them with test formats, and teaching test-taking skills.

Test Practice
The most effective test preparation and test practice materials emphasize diagnostic pretests and posttests. Teachers can use the results of practice tests to provide students with extra test preparation and instruction in specific content areas. Test practice materials can be effectively turned into study guides by adding an instructional component and lessons that teachers can use to provide extra enrichment.

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