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Publishers Resource Group
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Publishers Resource Group (PRG), Publishers Resource Group, Inc. (PRG), has developed a wide variety of K-12 assessments in core content areas such as reading, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. In addition, PRG has translated testing materials into languages other than English and written items for foreign language materials. We specialize in developing test items, customized test preparation materials and workbooks, teacher's materials and study guides that contain instruction and enrichment activities, and more. Our knowledge of state standards, curriculum and pedagogy, and assessment issues and trends makes us particularly well suited to create aligned, valid assessment tools that measure students' content mastery and skill proficiency.

We can help you create quality assessment components from setting the testing objectives to writing the items, rubrics, and lessons, selecting appropriate artwork and a design, and delivering the finished product in a format ready to upload to your website or send to your printer.

Types of Assessments
Multiple-Choice Items
Performance Tasks and Rubrics
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