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Alignment & Correlations

Publishers Resource Group (PRG), specializes in analyzing educational programs' alignment to a host of curriculum frameworks and standardized examinations. Our team of educators are experienced evaluators of K-12 instructional programs across all subject areas from textbooks to online curriculum, trade books, reference material, and educational software.

We can help you leverage your instructional program's alignment with academic standards to size up your competition and build cost-effective product development plans. We can help you draft a scope and sequence to serve as your master plan before any writing begins and create correlation information to specific standards within the teacher's materials. Teachers use this information to quickly and easily target key topics and lessons.

After your program is complete, let us help you create compelling product correlations to boost sales. A correlation is a specialized index that shows how the content of an educational product aligns with a host of academic standards and exams. As you consider your marketing goals and target markets, PRG can help you choose the correlation approaches to best reach your sales goals.

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