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Publishers Resource Group
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Creative Services

PRG's Art & Design Department is experienced in all phases of the art procurement process. Talented art buyers generate art specs and coordinate art spec development with the editorial team. Then, they direct the art process from start to finish as they work with nationally renowned artists, art houses, museums, and established photographers.

PRG's design capabilities encompass conceptualizing, completely designing new products, redesigning existing products, creating special inserts to coordinate and complement textbook design, and adapting the current look to fit new components. We develop designs to enhance the content, readability, and organization of the text while providing age-appropriate and visually appealing pages.

Print Production
PRG's Production Department has established page production procedures to ensure the quality and integrity of both the printed pages and the electronic files. Project teams have weekly meetings to discuss page production specifics, workflow directives, and scheduled shipments. A thorough system of tracking, schedule checks, and status reports is used to ensure that the project is kept on schedule and to readily provide information about the project's status throughout the process. All disks go through a rigorous preflight process before shipment to ensure that your files are ready to be published in print or electronic formats.

New Media Production
PRG's specialty in curriculum development extends to preparing content for the latest technology applications. Whether you are publishing your program online, on a CD-ROM, or with another technology application, we can prepare and deliver your content in the formats necessary to seamlessly integrate with your instructional framework. We have developed content and lessons for websites, populated dynamic ebook components, built custom scripted databases to deliver assessment items online, and more. Our technical team will work with you one-on-one to craft a customized solution to deliver age-appropriate curricula in formats that meet your technology needs.

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